Who we are ?

First of all, ESN NTUA Athens is a non - profit student association, member of ESN International, supporting and developing student exchange. In general, there is an ESN section for each university. ESN NTUA Athens, in particular, is helping the Erasmus students or International students in general, of the National Technical University of Athens. All of us are former or future Erasmus students and we volunteer for this association, trying to make your life easier!

In particular we aim to provide you :
• Information on your studies in the NTUA.
• Information about the benefits of studying at the NTUA
• Cultural Activities
• Fun Activities
• Parties, Trips and more 
• Help in communicating with the University
• Solutions to every-day life problems
                  and above all, we are friends :)


***Since ESN is all about working with other people , we cooperate closely with the Erasmus associations of other universities in Athens.

The other ESN sections of Athens are :
• ESN Athens AUEB
• ESN Kapa Athens
• ESN Panteion Athens
• ESN TEI Athens
• ESN AUA Athens
• ESN TEI of Piraeus