What’s the most usual question that you hear when someone wants to get to know you a little…. better??
“What kind of music do you like??”
And there are so many, aren’t they? Well, ESN is here for you, so we are organising a music month able to satisfy every music lover… So, either if you enjoy dancing like old school or if you just want to dance with somebody or if you just don’t need any lyrics to enjoy music and you like something more underground, this is your time to shine!!

1 month, 4 parties, 4 different kinds of music… We are going to satisfy every taste and we expect to see you in every party dancing like crazy.


*4/11 90s-00s-Trash Party by ESN AUA , ESN UniPi & ESN KAPA Athens

*11/11 Techno Party by ESN HARO & ΕSN Athens AUEB

*18/11 Latin Party by ESN NTUA & ESN Panteion

*25/11 Rock ‘n Roll Party by ESN TEI Athens and ESN TEI of Piraeus

**Seperate events will be created in the future so keep your eyes open for changes in the description**
Please note that:
This event was organised by members of ESN in Athens to help you get the most out of your Erasmus life!
All ESN events are non-profit and organised by students on a voluntary basis.

04/11/2016 - 23:00 to 30/11/2016 - 23:45